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Hello, friend.

The Curiously, Tori blog is an outlet for my self-deprecating sense of humor, existential crises, and exploration of my many, many emotions. 

If you’re into that sorta thing, buckle up because I’ve got plenty for ya. If you have enough on your plate with your own emotions and don’t need to read about mine, and/or you’re looking for marketing & copywriting tips feel free to sign up for my newsletter here.

Love you, mean it.


Full-Court Press

If you’ve ever been around me for more than say, 30 seconds, you would know that coordination, agility, and the ability to walk more than

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2019 Vision

“I think I need glasses. Sometimes when I look at the chalkboard, it’s all blurry.” A second-grade Tori declared this one day after school. You

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Missed Connections

Any time I encounter an attractive male stranger who looks roughly my age, I’m already telling myself that this is a meet cute brought to

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There’s something so cozy about it. The morning watching the parade in pajamas. Lingering in the kitchen asking mom if

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My Guy is 62 Today

My dad is one of the most loved people I know. Strangers? Love him. “Oh my goodness, that Mark is just the nicest man.” -Anyone

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2019: The Year of No

It’s been a weird week. NYE fell on a Monday which gave everyone another day to indulge, get incredibly, embarrassingly hammered (raises hand) sleep it

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