My Guy is 62 Today

My dad is one of the most loved people I know.

Strangers? Love him.

“Oh my goodness, that Mark is just the nicest man.” -Anyone after they meet him, except for that woman at Sonic who kept messing up his tater tots…he did NOT want chili and cheese.

The people at the post office who literally scowl at every human who walks in? Love him.

“Mark! How are you today? I’d love to help you out with that!” -The normally very grumpy folks working at the local USPS.

My friends? Love him.

“I cannot handle this. Honestly I’ll probably frame it.” -My long-time BFF Jenny after I sent her a photo recently of my dad and sweet little Daisy.

And us? His family? Well that’s a given.

“I will cut a bitch.” -Me, in my own head, pretending someone was threatening my dad.

He’d tell you he doesn’t need you to protect him. (Which is good, because I was getting really nervous about having to cut someone.)

Because he’s tough.

Most dads are tough, I think. But mine really is TOUGH. I’ve heard my brother say, “I’m the only one of my friends who can’t beat up his dad” more times than I can count.

But his strength isn’t the reason people adore him. The man is made up of so much good stuff.

What are some of my favorite qualities of his? I’m glad you asked!

And on his birthday, how appropriate.

His sense of humor

Possibly the greatest thing this dude could’ve passed along to children, and I’m eternally grateful he shared it with me.

Once, on my 22nd birthday, he said, “I can’t remember if you’re 22, or two 11-year-old twins.” And this has remained a running joke between the two of us that still makes me giggle.

Dad, are you 62 today, or two 31-year-old twins?

My ability to come up with awesome names for things, my pun skills, my knack for making up songs or limericks about the dogs, my truest 12-year-old boy sense of humor and compulsive need to make jokes at inappropriate times…all from this guy.

If ever you find yourself in a somber hospital room, you’ll want the two of us there to cheer you up. Trust me.

His ability to fix everything

This is a trait I was not lucky enough to inherit from him. But seriously, there’s nothing around the house this dude can’t fix. Or at least tell you what to do to get it fixed.

Except plumbing. Do not ask him about plumbing. He will get very, very angry.

Need your garage insulated? Your sliding glass door keep getting stuck? Can’t get the jar of pasta sauce open? He’s your guy.

Not only can he fix everything…he’s also willing to fix it for you. Which leads to the next trait.

He’s the best guy I know

And the reason why all of those strangers love him.

The man has a very short fuse, he’s stubborn as hell, and can be quite negative while watching the news. Or when he’s trying to do something involving plumbing. (Told you, do not ever ask him to help with plumbing.)

But underlying all of that? A purely good human.

He does the right thing. Always. And does so with humility. He will not accept praise, nor credit.

He holds the door open. For everyone. Always. And does his signature half smile and nod in the process.

If someone asks him for help, he will help. Always.

He’s always saving me

I’m almost 30. And I still need this dude.

My niece and nephew visited a few weekends ago. Mom, dad, and I took them Mom and dad took the kids and I to one of those indoor trampoline parks.

This had “bad idea” written all over it for me. But I wanted to play.

A few minutes in, my nephew asks if I want to joust.

“Um YEAH! That sounds awesome!”

It wasn’t.

There’s squishy stuff for you to land in if you fall. And the edges around the squishy stuff are padded. But if you fall too close to the edge, smash your spine on it, and snap your neck? Bad news bears.

Guess who that happened to?

……………, if you didn’t guess already.

I was temporarily paralyzed by shock and pain and could not move. Dad rushed over and had to grab me from the pit of squish and pull me out. Then he drove to the drugstore to get me ibuprofen.

Recovering from what was essentially whiplash, I was a broken bobblehead for the next few days, unable to hold my own head up. Like a literal baby. But dad was there.

Because he’s always there.

His obsession with the Weather Channel

I don’t know what it is about dads and the weather, but it will never not amuse me. Always just wants to watch the Weather Channel. You know there’s an app for that, right?

(I’ll admit though, it is really convenient to just be able to ask him what the weather is going to be that day.)

(This is the photo Jenny is going to print.)

Dad and I don’t always see eye-to-eye. And I hear, regularly, “Oh don’t be such a millennial, Tori.” Or, “Why didn’t we name you Wendy Whiner?”

But he’s my favorite guy.


(Because I know you’re reading this. Yet another reason my heart melts…you read my blog.)

I hope you know how loved you are.