About me

The Curiously, Tori Mission:

To help as many humans as possible find their voice, tell their story, and have the impact on the world they’ve always wanted.

I’m Tori. Curious Copywriter, and President of Your Fan Club.

I’m Tori.

Curious Copywriter, 

and President of 

Your Fan Club.

I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember.

As a kid my dad would always say, “Tell me a Tori story.”

I had notebooks full of poems and song lyrics and novels all hand-written by yours truly.

Story is my story.

Professionally, I’ve been doing it since 2012.

Like most with ADHD, my career hasn’t exactly been what you’d describe as linear, but man oh man has it been fun.

I worked for the restaurant marketing department that in 2014 had exclusive rights to Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper, the Guinness World Record Holder for Hottest Chile Pepper at the time, and created the ‘World’s Hottest Burrito.

I told the story of Anker Haus, Charlotte’s first pocket neighborhood.

I helped a North Carolina vineyard owner bring her dream to life by helping her put words to her story. (I also get to write copy for her wine labels.)

Hey, you cool middle school girls who bullied me for not shaving my legs when I was in sixth grade! Yeah, you! My words are on wine labels! So TAKE THAT!

(And I’ve been proudly shaving my legs for many years, now, thank you very much.)

After over a decade in

marketing and copywriting,




I’ve seen, learned, and done a lot.

But beyond just what I’ve done, my not-so-secret weapon is that heart-centered storytelling is at the core of who I am.

I’m an INFP. An HSP. An astrological Cancer. An empath if there ever was one. I’ve got all the feelings and then some. (I’m not joking when I say I probably love you.)

I’m intuitive and creative. I’ve got a good gut feeling for what works when it comes to copy, and what doesn’t; What will resonate, and what won’t.

And I’m driven by a deep desire to help other humans feel seen, heard, and believe in themselves.

The Bottom Line

I will never write copy...

…that doesn’t align with your core values. I will never hit you with industry jargon or flattery. (My probable love for you is 100% authentic.)

I know your story is personal and important. And you want someone who will listen and capture the authentic you; Someone who will be a good steward of your story.

If I may be so bold, you’ve found that someone.

(Of course I may be so bold — this is my website.)

My specialty is anyone who has a story. My niche is you.

I’m Tori, and I’d love nothing more than to help tell your story.

So, what’s MY why?

I’m so proud that you’ve been paying attention and glad you asked.

WHY is my why.

I’m relentlessly curious. I have to know more, go deeper, understand where it all started and where it’s headed.

I have to get obsessed. I have to dig and gather all the intel I can, then I have to untangle it all and piece it together in a powerful and compelling and curious way.

Why do I do it? Because I can’t not do it.

My Manifesto

I believe everyone is creative.

We live in a fast-paced world that values accomplishments, busyness, and self-doubt — because when you doubt yourself, you work harder…right?


Every single one of us is born with innate creativity. Playfulness. Curiosity.

And somewhere along the way, we’re told that these are not the traits of “adults.”

But I believe these are the exact traits that make life worth living.

Since childhood, I’ve known I wanted to be a “writer.” I wrote my first novel in second grade, “The School Wore.” (That was a misspelling of “war,” not the term for someone who is sexually promiscuous.)

I didn’t always know what form “being a writer” would take, but I’ve always known that when something inspires me, when the idea or insight smacks me in the head, I have to get pen to paper (or fingertips to keys) and let the curiosity do its thing.

I try to let my curiosity drive as many of my actions as possible. Which is pretty easy for me to do, thanks to my ADHD brain. I can’t not go down a rabbit hole when I spot one.

Writing for me is much more about the process than the outcome. While “finishing” a piece is a great feeling, what gives me the writer’s high is being in the thick of it. That feeling that hits when I say aloud (yep, I talk to myself a lot) “YES. That’s IT! That’s the angle! Oh and from here I’ll do this, and focus on this…”

It’s about what I’ll discover while I’m falling down the rabbit hole and wandering through Wonderland, rather than what’s waiting on the other side.

While being in the thick of it is the greatest feeling for me in the world, a close second is sharing that work with someone it resonates with. I’m an anxious, lifelong existential-crisis-having ball of emotions, and writing is by far the greatest tool I have to process. If I’ve made some new discovery or insight, and sharing that makes even one person feel less alone, or gain some new perspective, my work will have done more than I could’ve ever dreamed.

I am on this planet to help other humans feel seen, heard, and believe in themselves, by helping them find that initial thread of curiosity in their own stories, and pull like hell until it’s all untangled: They know what’s special about them or their idea, they now have the words to express it, and they’re ready to share those words — their story — with the world.

I don’t know why I was given the gift of being able to help put words to things in this way. But it is not a gift I take lightly. It is an honor to help others find their own entry point of curiosity, and to pull the thread with them.

I believe everyone is creative. I believe you are creative. You’ve already had the idea and done the work. You might just need a little help finding the words to share it.

Let’s get curious.

Down the rabbit hole we go...

Down the

rabbit hole

we go...