In the Words of Elton John: Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

The following statement might just be both the most overstated and understated of all time: I LOVE SATURDAYS.

I cannot be alone in this sentiment. You know you love Saturday, too. When it comes to days of the week, Saturday is undoubtedly G.O.A.T. Sure, Fridays are awesome because it’s almost the weekend and the air is filled with excitement– but there’s still work to be done. And Sundays are wonderful, but usually come with a dose of the Sunday Scaries. As Johnny Cash said,

“Cause there’s something in a Sunday that makes the body feel alone.”

But Saturday. Ohhh Saturday you beautiful creature, you. You are magical. There’s nothing like the sweetness felt when the eyes open and the loveliest thought pops into the head, “it’s Saturday.”

While all Saturdays entail that sweetness, this particular Saturday has a few extra doses of delight:

  • It’s a THREE DAY WEEKEND. (Truly magic to anyone’s ears.) No Sunday Scaries tomorrow, friends.
  • Can we talk about this WEATHER? Those who know me well know I am incredibly influenced by the weather. (Remember my post about Seasonal Affective Happiness?) After months of brutal heat and humidity, and an entire Friday of non-stop torrential downpour, the weather this morning is an absolute dream. 70, sunny, a crisp breeze to rustle tree branches as if to say, “fall is coming.” Charles Barkley (my dog, not the NBA star) and I had a leisurely stroll to Atherton Market for coffee and it might have been our most wonderful walk yet.
  • I’m going home shortly for the long weekend for some family R&R and I’ll be seeing my sister for the first time since her ENGAGEMENT! (Sorry I’m stealing your photo for my blog Beth & Rob) but y’all look:
  • Beth and rob


Sitting here on my balcony surrounded by sublime weather and the sweet sights, sounds, and feels of Saturday…this is truly my happy place.

I hope all of you enjoy your Saturday and long weekend! As my dad said when I talked to him last week to tell him I would be home for Labor Day Weekend, “great! We’ll do some labor!”

…………we will not be doing any labor.

Happy weekend, friends.