Seasonal Affective Happiness

Guys, I’ve been slacking. 2.5ish weeks since my last post. The hold back? I’ve been letting myself get caught up in the day-to-day of life and work and stress and excuses and WOW I don’t like it there. But it’s easy to get sucked in sometimes. It’s easy to let the ‘urgent’ stuff and the stress take over, pushing ‘non-urgent’ stuff to the back burner.

I’ve basically been living under a rock for a bit. Not being super social, not dedicating time to creativity, and obviously not blogging. When I started this, I didn’t want to put strict guidelines on myself because I didn’t want it to become something I felt forced into, something I didn’t enjoy. I said I would “shoot for 2ish posts each week.” Going 2.5 weeks without writing is NOT what I had in mind. I’m not beating myself up or anything, but I am telling myself to do better.

Moral of the story: sometimes life happens. Sometimes you get busy and stressed and live under a rock for a bit. (Which is pretty painful, rocks are heavy.) But if you don’t make time for your ‘non-urgent’ stuff: your creative outlet, your side project, your passion, it’s not going to get done. No one is going to make time for you. (Preaching to myself here.) Prioritize and make time for it.

Now that the air has been cleared, here’s a post I began about 10 days ago and just finished this morning. Back to the regularly scheduled curiosity. 😉

You’ve probably heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It’s like a legitimate thing. There are people who struggle with depression based on the changing of the seasons. I on the other hand am stricken with what I’ve named seasonal affective happiness (SAH).

The changing of a season is so exciting. Everything is new. New weather, new attire, new activities, new foods, a fresh start. It just feels good. My favorite season change is likely pretty common- the change from winter to spring.

Talk about a fresh start. Spring is literally fresh. You know, flowers and trees and stuff. After months of cold (cold being a relative term of course), aren’t we all anxious to thaw?


It’s so exciting to think about sitting outside for lunch with friends, long walks at the park with Charles Barkley (again- dog, not NBA player), driving with the windows down. I love driving with the windows down.

But it’s more than just weather. Something about the transition from winter to spring is inspiring and encouraging. It’s like winter is time for resting and planning and hibernating- I’m great at this, I think there’s grizzly bear somewhere in my family lineage- and spring is for doing. It’s time to ‘spring‘ into action! 😉

Although in true North Carolina fashion, spring has been a bit of a tease. With almost 2 weeks of 65-75 degree weather leading up to spring, once we hit March 20, Mother Nature said “I’ve got somethin’ for ya, hehehe.” BAM 45 degrees. Which felt more like:


Luckily we’ve gotten back to normal spring temperatures and the only thing we’re fighting now is the yearly pollen invasion (I swear Zyrtec should hire me to be a spokesperson.) But despite the constant itchy, groggy, drugged feeling, I’m so pumped it’s finally spring.

I feel some new adventures coming on. Bring it, spring!