The Sunday Short & Sweet

I love alliteration. Is that a weird statement to make? Probably. But really, I do. Much of my time in marketing has been me trying to find ways to use alliteration, usually taking it too far. Meaning, sometimes I don’t think I’m really happy with the name of a new program or series or even the subject of an email blast if it doesn’t have alliteration in some form. Which is so silly. But guess what? Now that I have a blog, I get to be as silly as I want.

Which brings me to what I’m working on now– ‘The Sunday Short & Sweet.’ It came to mind because I decided last night I wanted to write a nice, little post today expressing my gratitude to you all, and I thought Sunday was a perfect day for it. To me, Sunday is a day for reflecting on the previous week and really taking in all the good things that happened. It’s also a day for lots of good coffee and some variation of pastry. (ALL the croissants, please.)

So I decided I would combine my love for alliteration and nice, positive thoughts of reflection on Sundays to a new… (I guess ‘series’ is the correct word?)– The Sunday Short & Sweet. Ironically, I have a feeling they won’t be all that short, as I tend to ramble, especially when I’m in ‘reflection mode.’ But I’ll keep them as short as I possibly can, for your sake. 😉 This one will obviously NOT be short because do you see how much I’ve already written?!

*By the way, a dear friend of mine, Hayley, and one of my favorite bloggers, also has a regular Sunday ‘series,’ which was another reason I got the idea to do one.  Check out her blog because she’s a truly wonderful person and an incredible writer.

Today’s Sunday Short & Sweet is simply to express how full my heart is. I am constantly, pleasantly surprised at how many amazing people (i.e. you) there are in my life. Now, when I say I’m surprised, I don’t mean that as, “wow, I had the bar set pretty low for you all and I am just shocked you keep passing said bar by saying nice things and being supportive!”

What I mean by that is, holy cow, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a myriad of supportive and loving people all around me. I don’t want to get too mushy, but man. It’s hard, because there are a lot of you out there, and there’ve been a few times this week I thought my heart was actually, physically going to explode from all the love. Which is, maybe, the most incredible feeling in the world.

Many of you know there’s a transition happening at work right now, and it’s exciting and some incredible things are going to happen as a result. But during this transition, I do have my moments of uneasiness, as I think we all do during the ‘unknown.’ As a self-proclaimed adventurer (who is curious) I do embrace the ‘unknown’ and the change that comes along with it, but I can also tend to be a worrier. So I think subconsciously, during the past week, I needed a few extra high fives and, “it’s all going to be awesome”s, and man did I ever get them.

An event Thursday night surrounded me with some of the best people in Charlotte. I know I use the word ‘amazing’ a lot, but we’re talking some of THE MOST amazing people. After many great conversations, affirmations and hugs, I left feeling like my heart was going to explode. And with the announcement of Curiously, Tori, the support has been so overwhelming, my heart feels like it’s going to explode. All of the comments, messages, high fives, thank you. From the bottom of my exploded heart, thank you.

You all are the greatest. And hey, I guess my mom isn’t the only one reading, after all.

Wishing a lovely (and reflective!) Sunday to you all. Going to enjoy this sunshine with Charles Barkley. (My adorable dog, not former NBA player.)