The Sunday Short & Sweet: Mom

This might be the most obvious statement I’ve ever typed: I love my mom. I know, I know. Most people (hopefully?) can say that. But like, my mom is the best.

First of all, she raised me, which was NO easy feat. I was kind of extremely obnoxious as a child and quite needy. Well, I’m still pretty needy. And as many times as she probably wanted to punch me in the face– not because she’s violent or tends to punch children, but because I was that annoying— she always maintained grace and made things okay. And hey, I think I turned out alright.

Not only did she raise me, but she’s supported me and been my biggest cheerleader through everything. Like I said in my first post, her mom pom poms are always raised. She’s pushed me to be my best, she’s listened to me cry over boys (dumb boys), and she makes me laugh, even if it’s just a silly picture from the internet. This one is our favorite:


She’s still the one I call when I need a pep talk or encouragement. Like, what is this magical power moms have that enables them to always know what to say?! She’s really just the best. Luckily, she doesn’t live too far, so she can come visit for days of serendipity every now and then. And with work and life being so busy lately (when are they not?) today was a great day for some serendipity.

Lattes from Not Just Coffee, taking Charles Barkley for a walk at Freedom Park, and a matinée to see Deadpool (have you seen it yet?! SO GOOD.) Y’all, tell me that’s not the perfect day.

mom chuck

And can we talk about how perfect the weather was? This Sunday truly was short and sweet. (She also brought me homemade brownies because she’s mom.)

Here’s to all the moms out there, and know that even if your daughters don’t have blogs to say it, they love you. A lot.

By the way dad, I know you’re reading this, and I love you, too.

Sorry guys, that was sappy. But that’s okay sometimes, right?