Do you ever have the feeling that life moves too fast? Of course there’s the general, big picture quick pace of life– the older we get, the more we finally understand the expression “the older you get, the quicker time flies.” But as I get older, I’m noticing the day-to-day pace of life can be so rapid that 9pm hits and I’m struck with an overwhelming sensation of “wait, what? Where did the day go?”

Life likes to do this to us, huh? Work demands our attention, social media grabs us, side hustles or at-home projects are always pulling at us, all followed by events or dinner and/or drinks with friends, family, you get the gist. We live in a 90mph minimum-at-all-times culture. It’s no wonder we’re always tired– adulting is exhausting.

I decided it was time to slow it down for a few days. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, one of my dearest friends was married on Folly Beach, SC this weekend. I took a couple of days off from work to make the trip with Lizzie and her now husband, and it couldn’t have been more wonderful of a trip. The weather was beautiful, the ceremony amazing, and we all enjoyed some much needed ‘slow time.’ (Aside from preparing for the wedding and sobbing a lot.) It was a perfect trip.

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The drawback to wonderful and perfect trips that we all know to be true? Getting back home one day and having to jump right back into fast-paced reality the next. I decided to do myself a favor, save myself a little whiplash and took two extra days off after the trip’s end. To do what you ask? Honestly? Nothing. To do nothing.

To sleep in a little and enjoy coffee outside on the balcony.


To take Charles Barkley on longer-and-slower-than-normal walks and actually, really take in my surroundings.


To dilly dally while grocery shopping and buy myself flowers.


To binge watch early seasons of The Simpsons and take my sweet time cleaning the apartment, rather than the typical 30 minute cleaning frenzy that occurs once a week. To read a magazine. To enjoy the insanely lovely weather we’ve had. To write a blog post.

The last two days have consisted of all of the above and not a lot else– and it has been magical. I didn’t realize how much I needed some slow time. It’s back to reality first thing tomorrow morning and I’m a little bummed. BUT, those rabbits aren’t going to chase themselves down the rabbit holes. 😉

A life full of adventure and curiosity is one I would always choose. But it’s okay to slow things down a bit from time to time. After all, even Alice had to rest occasionally and talk to the flowers.


Here’s hoping that you get a chance to slow things down and talk to the flowers soon.