Pay It Forward, Charlotte!

Pay it forward: can we just talk about how great of a concept this is? It’s true generosity at such a fun, surprising and delightful level, what’s not to love? And this is a great time for love, considering Cupid’s big day is Sunday.

I experienced a ‘pay it forward’ moment last evening at dinner with one of my favorite people. When it came time to pay, he said that a friend had bought him lunch, so my dinner was on him. (Enough pronouns for you?) And in return, I was to pay it forward.

The timing worked out very well, as I had a coffee date with a lovely friend this morning. I awkwardly emailed her last night saying “if you get there before me tomorrow morning, do not buy your coffee!” Alas, she had a meeting just before ours and already had ordered coffee, but I WAS able to buy her breakfast. I call it a win.

I’ve now challenged her to ‘pay it forward,’ and I’m hopeful we keep this going! (#payitforwardclt.) But I also challenge you to pay it forward. Not because it would be cool for this chain of generosity to take off, but because we could all use a little more generosity. The world could use a little more generosity.

And oh yeah, speaking of generosity, do you guys know how exciting today is? Maybe you don’t know, so I’ll tell you. Queen City Forward just wrapped up our first ever fundraising campaign. Our goal was $20,000 and guys. WE HIT $20,000!

If you have 30 seconds to spare, how about a little happy dance for us?


Seriously, wow. The pay it forward thing, an awesome community that got us to our fundraising goal, and Valentine’s* weekend- friends, my heart is so full.

Now get out there, pay it forward and spread some generosity! (And maybe spread a little glitter too, if you have some handy.)


*Stay tuned for my thoughts on Valentine’s Day in this Sunday’s Short & Sweet 😉