Nothing Says ‘Coffee’ Like 6 in the Morning


No, really, are you paying attention? Because YOU GUYS. This truly was the morning to top ALL mornings. This morning, I walked to Luke’s Diner for coffee.

(If you’re not a fan Gilmore Girls, this post will seem pretty ridiculous to you. Also, if you’re not a fan of Gilmore Girls, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Also also, shout out to my Grammy because she loves Gilmore Girls AND my blog. Hi, Grammy!)

Like any other millennial who has an affinity for GG and coffee, and who spends too much time on social media, when I saw there would be Luke’s Diner popups at coffee shops all throughout the US in honor of the 16 year GG anniversary and upcoming Netflix revival, I freaked. And in checking the Luke’s popup list and seeing the Not Just Coffee location in South End, a mere 10 minute walk from my apartment, I promptly lost my mind.

A true Stars Hollow experience, I was going to get to walk to Luke’s for coffee. What? No, really…what?!

‘Luke’s’ opened at 7, and I had a hunch it would be smart to arrive early. My hunch was accurate. A few minutes before 7, I was closing in on the ‘diner,’ and could see a few people in line. “Oh, that’s not too bad,” I thought. Wrong. As I got closer, I realized a semi truck was blocking most of the line from my view. “Holy crap” I thought as I got in the back of this line at 7.


Was that line ridiculous to wait in for coffee on a Wednesday morning? Absolutely. But was I leaving before I had a coffee from Luke’s? Absolutely not. I stood, occasionally shuffling forward a few inches, watching the minutes go by. Every few minutes, someone would give up for fear of being late for work. Lucky for me, I work from home and only had a 10 minute walk back to my desk.

Finally I made it inside- 40 minutes later. But all of the authentic Luke’s charm made the 40 minutes seem more like 40 seconds. Right down to the ‘No Cell Phones’ sign and the baristas in true Luke garb of backwards caps and flannel….it was perfect.


I got to the counter at 7:45 and ordered my coffee, which was completely free, which just added to the awesomeness of the morning. (Thanks, Netflix!) I got my Luke’s cup full of tasty, warm goodness, and was on my way. I walked back to my apartment with coffee from Luke’s Diner. I’m still giddy about it.


The icing on the cake was the weather throughout the experience– it was the perfect crisp, fall morning.

Yes friends, I woke up extra early, walked over a mile and stood in line for 45 minutes. For coffee. For Luke’s coffee. From Luke’s Diner. On the perfect fall morning. For a few moments, I really felt like I was in Stars Hollow.

And yes friends, it was wonderful.