Everyone Loves a Comeback

Hey guys, remember me? Hello? Is this thing on? Well I can’t hear you or see you (you know, since this is a blog) but I’m going to assume if you’re reading, YES you remember me and yes, this thing is indeed on.

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. 4.5ish months actually. (Cringe.) You might be thinking, “we all thought that curious Tori girl fell off a cliff or moved to Finland or really did fall down a rabbit hole.” (The latter would’ve certainly been the most appropriate, considering.)

Well, if you know me in real life, or IRL as some of the cool kids might tweet, you know that I am in fact alive, intact, and in Charlotte, not the bottom of a cliff or Finland or the bottom of a rabbit hole. So why the hiatus?

I honestly have no good reason, other than life happened. Quite a bit has changed in the past few months, including a new job for me, along with a move to a tiny-but-perfect apartment in South End. You may have seen the above photo of the Queen City herself taken from my new balcony view. Here’s another one, because I really cannot believe this is my view of her. Ain’t she a beaut?


The change has been welcomed but a tad consuming at times. New jobs are always a transition, moving is a transition, adjusting to a completely new pace is a transition. I threw myself into the new job, place, pace, and my creativity took the backseat.

I’m lucky to have some truly wonderful people who’ve gently (and not-so-gently at times) asked about Curiously, Tori, encouraged me to get back to it,   and been supportive of whatever answer I gave them. I always felt a slight twinge when someone mentioned it and heard myself making excuses as to why I hadn’t written in awhile. And on one hand, I’m glad mention of it elicited a response that made me miss writing here and made me want to get back to it. But on the other hand, I didn’t like the feeling of guilt, which I inevitably had. Which is so silly. This is a place for ME. There are no rules/standards/expectations. Bottom line: Tori, get over yourself and just write when you feel like it, and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t. Okay? Okay. Glad that’s settled.

Yes, creativity took the backseat. But friends, it’s ready to get back in the driver’s seat. Well, maybe at least go through driver’s ed. 😉

So here it is, my ‘comeback.’ Because everyone loves a comeback, right? Everyone except comic book villains. Not that I know any comic book villians, but I imagine they’re probably not big fans of comebacks as it usually means their excruciating demise.

Oh and PS, Charles Barkley is still cute. (I know you were wondering.)

PSS, Charles Barkley the dog, not the former NBA star.

Charlie is cute


(That felt really good to type again.)