Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit-Hole

Hello. (Resisting the urge to type “it’s me.” Oops. Urge not resisted.)

It’s official– I have a blog. Probably seems pretty random, right? Truthfully, it’s something I’ve been thinking about and working on for several months now (WordPress and I have an extremely love/hate…dislike/hate relationship) and it’s taken a bit longer to ‘launch’ than I had planned. But plans are funny, aren’t they?

I had a ‘plan’ to charge into 2016 with my most capital A-game to set strong intentions for the year, to dominate at work, to start a blog. I woke up January 1 with a 102 degree fever and a myriad of other relentless symptoms, basically feeling awful. For 2.5 weeks. I’m officially calling myself a survivor of the plague.

Not only was I sick, but incredibly frustrated. There aren’t many things that are as aggravating as wanting to do (anything) and just not being able to, especially when you’re already feeling crappy. I didn’t feel well enough to set my intentions, I was barely able to do enough work to get by, and I had no energy to put into the blog I wanted to start.

But, as they say, “life happens.” I let the frustration go. I got over it, and I got better and now I’m doing, any and everything. Which brings me to my next point: why AM I doing this? There are tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands? Millions? Zillions?) of bloggers in the world telling us what they’re passionate about, what they think about an issue, what they ate for lunch, you get the drift. Why add another voice to the mix?

I’d say the simplest way to answer is that I love to write, and I want to do more of it. So here I am, writing. If my mom is the only one who ever reads (which she totally will, because she’s one of those moms, her ‘mom pom poms’ always raised) then that’s okay. Because I’ll still have gotten to write, and my mom will have gotten to kill 5 minutes of her day. (Hi, mom!)

But more than just writing, I want to exercise what I think to be one of the most important attributes we have: curiosity. You know how children have that never-ending sense of wonder and intrigue? Think Alice from ‘Alice’s Adventures and Wonderland.’ The sense for adventure and that need to keep ‘going down the rabbit hole.’ Why do we let diminish as we age?
I think we could all use a little more Alice. I try to always let me ‘inner-Alice’ speak to me, and now I’m going to try to let her write, too. I hope to capture my sense of wonder in a way that you (whoever you are reading this) enjoy. And if you don’t, that’s okay. Because, like I said, I know mom will always read.

So here’s to new adventures. I’m pretty excited. If you’re still curious and want to know more about me/my love for Alice, check out “Curious? Meet Tori” at the top of the page. (If you’re even still reading.)

Off I go now, down the rabbit hole.