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Hello, friend.

The Curiously, Tori blog is an outlet for my self-deprecating sense of humor, existential crises, and exploration of my many, many emotions. 

If you’re into that sorta thing, buckle up because I’ve got plenty for ya. If you have enough on your plate with your own emotions and don’t need to read about mine, and/or you’re looking for marketing & copywriting tips feel free to sign up for my newsletter here.

Love you, mean it.


Like a hermit crab

I hate Cancer Season. (Astrological Cancer Season, to clarify. Not like a season where everyone gets diagnosed with a disease caused by cells dividing uncontrollably

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The Most Enough

I was nominated for two superlatives in high school. Most Unique, and Best Car. (I drove a 2000 VW Passat. What? And it was a

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Hope Grows in a Dump

I’m not saying that the current circumstances we’re all in are a dump. But I’m also not saying the current circumstances we’re all in are

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Fear Itself

It finally, really hit me today, like a missile: real fear about what’s going on. I do this thing sometimes where I’ll say in conversations

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